The budget of Mission: Impossible 7 exploded because of the Covid

Almost 300 million dollars for this episode, while Fallout had cost 190 million at Paramount.

variety details the production of Mission: Impossible 7, which was more complicated than expected due to the Covid-19 epidemic. For this Paramount saga carried and produced by Tom Cruisethe star has always relied on his stunts performed “in truth”, but also its multiple filming locations, each section marking the opportunity to visit new grandiose sets. This promise of a change of scenery was however difficult to respect on the last film, while the epidemic was spreading worldwide. The production was therefore forced to postpone several times its planned scenes in various expensive sets, especially during the Carnival of Venice, and this inflated its budget. Mission: Impossible 7 cost 290 million to produce, which is tens of millions more than the studio and its financial partners had planned to shell out, writes variety (…) By comparison, the most recent film in the saga, Mission: Impossible Falloutreleased in 2018, had requested a budget of 190 million dollars.

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In detail, the American site writes that “The public health measures taken as new variants of the virus arrived added unforeseen costs, as the studio had to continue to employ crews, both casting and technical, and house them for many years. long periods of quarantine. Add to that costs due to the closure of streets and canals in major cities, such as Rome and Venice. Plans that had to be canceled at the last moment to be rescheduled later.” Unforeseen events that took place no less than seven times during filming! Not to mention that Christopher McQuarrie’s team not only filmed in Italy, but also in Poland, the United Arab Emirates or England, and had to undergo a period of quarantine before each shoot in a new place. Paradoxically, this allowed him to save some money, explains the article, because by dint of upsetting the schedules (and the scenario), the director filmed longer than planned in the United Kingdom, and was able to benefit from more reductions in significant taxes proposed in the country.

In addition to these filming stops and postponements, Mission: Impossible 7 also suffered from material shortages during the Covid period, as well as insurance problems and disagreements with some partners when the budget started to swell. variety recounts that Skydance wanted to backtrack during the summer of 2021, when the cost of the film had already increased by 50 million dollars. “They refused to exceed the amounts written on the contract, the budget then was 240 million, and they did not want to add additional funds to shoot the sequences that Cruise and McQuarrie said they needed.”

Regarding insurance, Paramount filed a complaint last August against the Federal Insurance Company, considering that they had not been properly covered when filming stoppages were imposed.

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“Mission: Impossible 7 is obviously not the only blockbuster to have been forced to navigate this new reality, we then read. These action films require large budgets since they are shot in several countries, on several continents, which creates headaches for their logistics. Many films from big studios have lost tens of millions of dollars because of the protocols put in place to fight against Covid, and this has also caused significant delays. Another element to take into account: the fact of wanting to stage ever more impressive stunts, film after film, also requires a substantial budget, because it requires long rehearsals before actually shooting the sequences in question. As well as substantial assurances and compliance with a security protocol. For the scene of the motorbike jump from a cliffin Norway, widely teased in the promotion of Mission: Impossible 7Tom Cruise had to carry out hundreds of tests before the shooting itself.

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Finally, the article discusses the recent conflict between Hollywood and China, wondering if these tensions will not have a negative impact on the receipts of this sequel. The site recalls that fallout had done very well at the Chinese box office, collecting 180 million dollars there (out of more than nearly 800 million overall), but that nothing allows us to say that its sequel will do as well. Knowing that Tom Cruise has signed a special contract for the films of the saga, which allows him to receive bonuses when the receipts from MID reach a certain level, he has every interest in seeing No. 7 a hit: he had been able to pocket around 50 million dollars thanks to the success of Fallout.

The filming of Mission: Impossible 7 is finally finished (the last shots date from September 2021), but it will not be released until July 12, 2023 in cinemas. A delay obviously due to the pandemic, but also to the programming of its sequel less than a year later, on June 26, 2024.

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