The Burial: Tommy Lee Jones replaces Harrison Ford

Because of the delay on Indiana Jones 5?

Deadline announced that The Burial, a film by Maggie Betts (The Carrier, Novitiate) shot for Amazon Prime Video, would no longer be worn by Harrison ford, but his partner from Fugitive (1993), Tommy lee jones. The 75-year-old actor replaces the star ofIndiana Jones, no doubt because of the new filming and release schedule for the fifth opus. Following Ford’s accidental shoulder injury, last June, on the set of James Mangold’s blockbuster, the 79-year-old actor had to stop for a few months. He resumed filmingIndiana Jones 5 in September (photos have also filtered outdoor shots, in Sicily), but since then, Disney has decided to postpone the film’s release for almost a year ! Instead of July 29, 2022, this new adventure from the most famous archaeologist will hit the big screen on June 30, 2023.

Tommy Lee Jones will be the star of The Burial, alongside Jamie Foxx. This drama is inspired by the true story of the manager of a California funeral company, who, after going bankrupt, hired a flamboyant lawyer to attack his main rival, whom he believed was responsible for his downfall. We won’t spoil the verdict here, let’s just point out that the case caused a stir in the United States, following the publication of an article in the New Yorker, in 1999, and that this serves as a working basis for this adaptation.

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