The chase scene from The Batman blew Edgar Wright: “Damn goodnight!”

The director shared his opinion on the new film by Matt Reeves, in theaters since March 2 in France.

In theaters since Wednesday, The Batman is already “the best Batman ever” according to some fans. And aside from Dark Knight fans, Hollywood is also raving about the new film by Matt Reeves. For Edgar Wrightdirector of Baby Driver and recent Last Night in Sohoone of the highlights of The Batman is the chase between the hero played by Robert Pattinson and The Penguin by Colin Farrell. The filmmaker said he was blown away: “As an aficionado of tense car chases, there’s the torrent of a rain-soaked highway chase with the Batmobile. Damn goodnight! You’ll enjoy” he said on Twitter.

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The scene in question was already teased in several trailers and features an explosive car chase through the streets of Gotham City. His praise by Wright then seems like an excellent indication that racing the Batmobile is truly exhilarating: the director is a big fan of car stunts, having written and directed Baby Driver just to direct a movie based entirely on car chases.

In theaters since Wednesday, The Batman brings together in its cast, in addition to pattinson and Farrel, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Andy Serkis, Jeffrey Wright and John Turturro. Lasting almost three hours, it is advertised as a movie “More realistic, darker and wackier” in issue 526 of First.

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