The Children of the Marsh: Jean Becker’s ode to authenticity

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The Children of the Swamp

The endearing film with Jacques Villeret returns this Sunday on C8.

The Children of the Swamp is one of the emblematic films of the cinema of John Becker released in 1999 at the cinema. Driven by a prestigious cast led by Jacques Villeret, Jacques Gamblin, Andre Dussollier and Michael Serrault, the film is a compendium of Becker’s recent filmography, imbued with his generous humanist values ​​and marked by a deliberately nostalgic celebration of country values ​​and simplicity. It thus brings us back to 1932, in the middle of the still peaceful inter-war period when two men, Henri dit Riton (Villeret) and the accordionist Garris (Gamblin) learn to discover each other and overcome the trauma of the First World War. Two men in love with freedom, but also desperately in search of the meeting which would fill their amorous dissatisfaction…

The Becker recipe, making most of these films indisputably popular successes, has in any case once again gladly proven itself. Because these Children of the Marais were no exception to the rule, attracting just over 2.1 million cinema viewers at the time. A public recognition which was also accompanied by that of the profession, which reserved a place of choice for the film in the nominations for the Césars in 2000. The Children of the Marais were nominated in five categories: Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (for Andre Dussollier), the best sound and the best music (composed by Pierre Bachelet).

“We are miserable earners, but we are not ass combers”, such is the philosophy of Garris, a simple, generous and somewhat poetic man who lives on the edge of a pond with his friend Riton, who is raising three turbulent children from his second marriage. Riton, from time to time, drowns his sorrows in red wine in an attempt to forget his first wife and great love. Around them there is also Amédée, a dreamer passionate about reading, Pépé, an old man from the swamp who has become rich and Tane, the driver of the local little train. One day, Garris meets a young woman, Marie.

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Jean Becker and Jean-Christophe Rufin talk about the Red Necklace

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