The City of Lost Children restored in 4K: “It’s going to be sublime”

Jean-Pierre Jeunet announces that his cult film released in 1995 at the cinema will take a facelift.

“A strange man lives surrounded by clones and other even stranger characters on a platform at sea lost in the fog. Krank, that’s his name, must, in order not to age too quickly, steal the children’s dream. It’s why he removes them from the port city.”

In 1995, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro teamed up again, three years after the success of Delicatessenfor an original fantasy tale titled The City of Lost Children. A work that will soon be released in a restored version, reveals its co-creator on its page Facebook : “Good news, writes Jeunet. Sony Classic USA has decided to re-release “The City of Lost Children” in 4K Blu-ray. Studio Canal has therefore decided to restore the film with “The Found Image”. So we completely re-graded from the original negative. This brought out a lot of detail in dark areas that we had never seen before. It’s going to be sublime. And of course, cleaned of all dust, hair and other nitpicks. Studio Canal is also talking about a theatrical release in France on the circuit of “classic movies”.”

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With the help of composer Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks), cinematographer Darius Khondji (Se7en) or the stylist Jean-Paul Gaultier, and of course a cast of unforgettable actors (Ron Perlman, Daniel Elifork, Dominique Pinon, Jean-Claude Dreyfus… without forgetting Jean-Louis Trintignant to double the brain, Irvin) , Caro and Jeunet were able to create a very special atmosphere in The City of Lost Children. This reissue in a restored 4K version should logically delight fans, within a few months, and intrigue new viewers in passing. For now, its broadcast has not yet been announced.

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