The Color of Money: Spend the evening with Tom Cruise, on Arte

The color of money
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Martin Scorsese’s film will be followed by an excellent documentary, Tom Cruise body and soul, already visible in replay.

The seventh channel programs a special evening Tom Cruisewhich is a hit in the cinema with Top Gun: Maverick. It’s about biggest career start in the world, far ahead War of the Worlds and the Impossible mission. So this Sunday, the channel will rebroadcast first The color of moneythe Martin Scorsese classic released in cinemas in 1987, then a documentary on the actor entitled Tom Cruise, body and soule.

This one goes back in detail on his career: from his roles of youth (Risky Business, Top Gun, Born on the 4th of July…) to the full box of the saga Impossible missionuntil his crazy project to shoot a feature film in space. By retracing his career, the film stops in passing on his wounds (his parents’ divorce, his difficult schooling, his tense romantic relationships with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes…) or his spiritual quest, which led him to abandon his religion (Catholicism) for the highly controversial Church of Scientology. The documentary also insists on its ability to surround itself with the greatest (it was directed by Martin Scorsese, therefore, but also by Steven Spielberg, Michael Mann, Paul Thomas Anderson, Sidney Pollack, Stanley Kubrick…), as well as on his many physical roles, his taste for stunts seeming to have increased over his filming. What is Tom Cruise after? THE role of his life? Recognition from his peers? Eternal youth? “The world of a vampire is not so far removed from that of a major Hollywood star, explains Neil Jordan about the casting of the actor as Lestat in Interview with a Vampire. It is deprived of daylight. She lives isolated. Each appearance sends shockwaves through the audience. On top of all that, she is doomed to eternal youth.”

Captivating portrait of a “Modern Day Dorian Gray”, Tom Cruise, body and soulIt is already visible on the channel’s website:

Tom Cruise goes behind the scenes of the Risky Business dance scene

The story of The color of money : A billiard champion, ex-inveterate hustler, has become a liquor sales representative. When he meets a promising young pool player, old demons come to the surface…

The opinion of First : By far the best performance of Cruise. Often compared with its prequel, The Scammer (already carried by Paul Newmanbut with behind the camera), the Scorsese better than that: the whole history of human relations is summed up in a green table, a few balls and two guys waving their gear around the beautiful Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio. Power, learning, corruption… the script of Richard Price is one of the smartest in contemporary cinema and Scorsese’s directing is at its height of glamor and inventiveness. The must: imagine that Tom Cruise, who plays here the gifted student full of post-pubescent energy, had just come out of Top Gun who had just imposed her as a Reagan muse.

Tom Cruise – Top Gun (1986): “I always thought I was an actor playing a character who thinks he’s a star”

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