The Contractor Trailer: Chris Pine Betrayed and Hunted

The new thriller from the director of Cairo Confidential promises to be tense.

After Wonder Woman 1984, Chris Pine returns in a completely different kind of project. In The Contractor, he will play James Harper, fired from the Marines, who joins a paramilitary organization to be able to pay his bills. Sent to Poland with an elite team on a mission to investigate a mysterious threat, he ends up alone and hunted in the middle of Eastern Europe. He will have to fight to stay alive long enough to discover the reasons of those who betrayed him.

Tarik Saleh’s new thriller (the excellent Cairo Confidential) promises its share of gunfights and mercenaries who no longer know where to turn. In the cast, we will also find Kiefer Sutherland, Ben Foster and Gillian Jacobs.

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The Contractor will be released on April 1 in the United States, in some theaters and on VOD. It does not currently have a precise French release date, even if March 30 is advanced by IMDB.

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