The creators of Next Generation give their opinion on Spider Man: No Way Home [exclu]

Lord and Miller even tell us that they have “returned” to the studio after seeing a first draft of the film…

The least we can say is that they brought a breath of fresh air to the cinematic worlds of superheroes. In 2018, when the animated film was released Spider-Man: Next Generation, there is no question of multiverse at Marvel yet. Not even at DC for that matter.

Four years and an Oscar later, that’s all there is to it. All over. Of Loki at Spider-Man-No Way Homeand while waiting Doctor Strange 2, the multiverse has become essential in the genre. Both at Marvel and at the competitor opposite, since The Flash will in turn have fun mixing several Batmans from different parallel worlds…

Spider-Man Next Generation 2 and 3: “It didn’t fit in one movie!” [exclu]

Yes, Phil Lord and Chris Miller – the duo behind Into the Spider-Verse – opened the way to the madness of the multiverse, which has since been transformed into a highway! “We like to tackle challenges that no one else wants to tackle. In the case of new generation, nobody had done something like that before, in a big movie like that. Because on paper, it was really complicated to implement”, tell us the two screenwriters.

So logically, when the multiverse began to invade the MCU and Sony embarked on its project Spider-Man: No Way Homethey did not fail to consult Lord and Miller, who revealed to Première:

In fact, Sony showed us an early version of the movie quite some time before its release. We gave our opinion, made some feedback. And in the end, we found it really fun to see all these characters gathered in one place. It’s something that speaks to us. Really, we love it. We had already done quite a bit of it in The LEGO Great Adventure, putting Batman in a Millennium Falcon for example… We were blown away. Because we think it’s great to bring together different worlds like that…”

The creators of new generation therefore validate without reservation Spider-Man: No Way Homewhile waiting to release the next two opuses of “their” multiverse, with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Part 1 and 2which will be released next October and in 2023 in cinemas.

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