The credits of The Office parodied by Les Minions (with Gru as Michael Scott)

The credits of The Office parodied by Les Minions (with Gru as Michael Scott)

Welcome to Dunder Minion! In VO, Steve Carell lends his voice to Gru, so his role in The Office was all found…

To wait until the exit of the Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gruits animators from Illumination have fun parodying the US version of The Office. The sitcom has seen renewed interest in recent months by being streamed on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, then on Peacock in the United States. These two universes are a priori very distant, except that these works are produced by Universal (via NBC for the series and Illumination for the films) and that Steve Carell appears in both: he embodies the boss of Dundler Mifflin in the comic series and double Gru in the animated saga. Employing the Minions here, he is logically at the service of evil and his team is doing their job perfectly well. That is to say… absolutely anything! As in the series, where Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Jim (John Krasinski) make pranks (bad jokes) all day long here, it’s Kevin and Stuart bickering, while Bob works at the front desk instead of Pam (Jenna Fischer).

Here is the video, followed by the trailer for the next film in the animated saga, which recently opened the Annecy festival and will be released in cinemas on July 6.

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The story of Minions 2 : As the 1970s were in full swing, Gru, who grew up in the suburbs surrounded by bell-bottom jeans and blooming hair, hatched a machiavellian plan to succeed in joining a famous group of super villains, known as the name of Vicious 6, of which he is the biggest fan. He is assisted in his task by the Minions, his little companions as turbulent as they are faithful. With the help of Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and Otto – a new Minion sporting magnificent braces and a desperate need to please – they will together deploy treasures of ingenuity to build their first lair, experiment with their first weapons, and launch their first mission.
When the Vicious 6 fire their leader, the legendary “Wild Knuckles”, Gru auditions to join the team. The least we can say is that the interview goes wrong, and suddenly short when Gru demonstrates his superiority to them and suddenly finds himself their sworn enemy. Forced to flee, he will have no choice but to turn to “Wild Knuckles” himself, in order to find a solution, an encounter which will allow him to discover that even super villains sometimes need friends. .

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