The Crown recruits Elementary star to play Prime Minister for season 5

Jonny lee miller

Jonny Lee Miller joins the cast of the Netflix series.

Sherlock Holmes joins the royal family! Jonny lee miller, has just been cast in season 5 of The Crown. The British actor, who played the famous English detective of Baker Street in the modern CBS cop show until 2019, will move to 10 Downing Street.

Indeed, in season 5 of The Crown, he will play the Prime Minister of His Majesty’s government, John Major. The leader of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom succeeded Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister from 1990 to 1997, a good part of the decade, covered by future episodes.

Miller should therefore spend a fair amount of time interviewing Imelda Staunton (Harry potter), who will reprise the role of Queen Elizabeth II, while Jonathan pryce (Game Of Thrones) will take on the role of Prince Philip, and that Lesley Manville (Phantom Thread) will be Princess Margaret and thatElizabeth debicki (Tenet) will play Diana facing Dominic west (The Affair) in Prince Charles.

This season 5 of The Crown will be released in 2022 on Netflix.

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