The Crusade: the Greta Thunberg generation seen by Louis Garrel [critique]

Louis Garrel signs a mischievous and joyfully eccentric film. The ultimate scenario of the immense Jean-Claude Carrière.

Often, for basic questions of production, the cinema runs behind the news and seems to be surfing on themes already exhausted elsewhere. With The crusade, Louis Garrel fully embraces his time. On wise advice – and prophetic! – from his friend Jean-Claude Carrière (for his final scenario), he began to imagine this film before the arrival of the sensational arrival of Greta Thunberg on the media scene, and therefore undoubtedly signs the first fiction around this youth who take action for the environment. We find the trio of Faithful man : the couple formed by Abel and Marianne (whom he plays with Laetitia Casta, once again amazing) and the latter’s 13-year-old son, Joseph (Joseph Engel, always so brilliant). And the opening of the film sets the tone, playful, of what will follow. Abel and Marianne discover there that Joseph secretly sold some of their most precious objects (luxury bags, vintage vintages …) and invested the money collected in a project developed with hundreds of children of his age to save the planet.


The situation comedy works wonderfully and allows Louis Garrel to immediately find the right distance to embrace an a priori anxiety-provoking subject. Nothing moralistic or academic here, the tone is eccentric fantasy born both from these adults confronted with their inconsistencies and from Louis Garrel’s talent to place himself at the height of childhood with this mixture of freshness, innocence and the certainty that they can change the world around them. Both light and deep, this tangy candy can be enjoyed without moderation.

By Louis Garrel. With: Joseph Engel, Louis Garrel, Laetitia Casta… Duration: 1h07. Released on December 22, 2021

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