The cute remake of Peter and Elliott the dragon returns to television

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Peter and Elliott the dragon

Disney’s live-action family movie is a hit.

To realize the live-action remake of Peter and Elliott, Disney had the good idea to recruit the gifted David Lowery, author of the film Ethereal Ride The Lovers of Texas with Rooney mara and Casey Affleck, and since from the ghost film worn by the same duo, A Ghost Story (he will also come back in January with a film about the Arthurian legend, The Green Knight). Rather than a very faithful remake of the 1977 original (little known anyway) in a way The jungle Book Where Cinderella, his Peter and Elliott the dragon from 2016 was thought of as a reinvention that connects to the Amblin style and kept only the basic idea: a little boy is friends with a big dragon. Here is his trailer, which illustrates the issues and the atmosphere.

David Lowery: “I knew A Ghost Story was a risky bet”

The pitch? We are between the late 1970s and early 1980s, somewhere in the northwest of the United States. Peter (the young Oakes Fegley) is an abandoned child who lived six years in the woods with Elliott the Kind Dragon (a large, furry green critter that looks a bit like the Falkor from The never-ending story), before being picked up by Grace (Bryce dallas howard), sheriff of the small town adjacent to the forest where the dragon is hiding. Obviously, there is a crooked entrepreneur (Karl Urban) who wants to capture Elliott, and there you have it. And there is Robert redford, who plays Grace’s father, an old storyteller cabinetmaker. Amblin plus the magic of Disney storytelling: First strongly advise you to discover this nice film with your family, this evening on Gulli.

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