The Daily Wire has spent thousands of dollars promoting anti-Amber Heard stories

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The Vice and Citizens media conducted the investigation: the newspaper founded by Ben Shapiro clearly takes Johnny Depp’s side and goes so far as to share false statements.

Since April 11, the trial opposing Johnny Depp to Amber Heard is open and continues to heat the canvas. In an article published on May 19, Vice explain how the DailyWireFacebook’s second most popular outlet, spent between $35,000 and $47,000 on social media to promote its stories about the lawsuit, most of which were clearly pro-Depp.

As a reminder, the interpreter of Jack Sparrow accused hearing of defamation following a editorial written by the actress in the washington post in 2018. In it, she says she had to deal with sexual harassment and abuse from an early age. She brings her support to the movement #MeToo and explains how, following his separation from Depp, some of his biggest contracts were terminated or changed. More important for the trial case, the actress writing : ” I have become a public representation of women who have suffered domestic abuse “. Following this paper, the tabloid The Sun titled : “ Johnny Depp: the man who hit his wife », a title that earned the English newspaper a lawsuit, which was lost by Depp. As explained Forbes, The Sun had reported 14 episodes of abuse on hearing between 2013 and 2016, cases which had been closely examined by Judge Andrew Nicol. At the end of the trial, he said: Although he proved the necessary elements of his cause of action for defamation, the defendants demonstrated that what they published was substantially true. “.

Yes Amber Heardin his article of washington postdoes not cite in any case Johnny Deppit would still have earned the actor a sharp decline in popularity: fired from Disney and the franchise Pirates of the Caribbeanfired from Warner and Fantastic Beasts, etc. In compensation, he asks for 50 million dollars, against 100 million in damages for Amber Heard, who in turn made a counterclaim. The two accuse each other of abuse and each deny the other’s accusations.

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Broadcast live on American TV channels, the trial is the subject of great media coverage on social networks: according to company data NewsWhip, between May 4 and May 16, it amassed more interaction than any other topic, including the war in Ukraine. Contents “pro Depp” and “Anti-Heard” are the most popular, following hashtags like #AmberHeardIsAPsychopath on Twitter.

On Facebook, hundreds of news about the case are posted every day. The media The Citizens analyzed data from the platform’s advertising library. The results show how the DailyWire seeks to capitalize on the media success around the trial to attract new readers while promoting its conservative ideas. One of the newspaper’s news items, still being promoted, which headlines ” Assassination attempt on Johnny Depp “, affirm that ” the only negative words written about the Hollywood star came occasionally from film critics, until he married Amber Heard”. Far from being objective, the article also contained false statements: it explained that, during the trial against The SunDepp [avait] was able to refute 12 of Heard’s 14 allegations, but since it is impossible to prove a denial, the judge called him a freak and refused to accept his defense”. In reality, the judge said it was more likely that 12 of those 14 alleged cases of abuse took place, and the term of ” freak “ was evoked because mentioned by the two actors to qualify the personality of Johnny Depp. the DailyWire then wrote an erratum at the top of their article, stating that: “ A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Depp was able to refute 12 of the 14 allegations against him. It has been corrected to note that he was unable to refute 12 of the allegations. To promote this paper, the media spent half of its budget on the Depp-Heard affair, or between 20,000 and 25,000 dollars.

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A second article on the case was also promoted, this time listing the “ 14 Most Shocking Revelations From Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Trial “. Most of the floor is given to Depp, with 11 of those revelations being in his favor, the first being the claim that Heard defecated on their bed after an argument. A statement that led hackers to rename the IMDB listing toAmber Heard in Amber Turd (trans.: m*rde). Numerous videos were also posted on the network, stating “ Amber Heard is at fault ” or ” Amber Heard is totally moody “, as reported Vice. According to Nandini Jammico-founder of Check My Adsan advertising industry watchdog, the DailyWire is on the border between info and infox. She explains that ” the site has a handful of articles that are more or less technically accurate, but the rest are indefensible. Yet they continue to get away with it. » For Media MattersUS watchdog, The Daily Wire is a reservoir of fanaticism and hatred campaign, inciting racism, sexism and anti-abortion extremism.

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