The day Mark Ruffalo spoiled Avengers 3 a year before its release


The interpreter of Hulk really does not know how to hold his tongue.

Update of April 30, 2022: Infinity War arrives in the clear on television. See you this Sunday at 9:10 p.m. to (re)see the third part ofavengers. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s hard to escape spoilers, as the Russo brothers’ blockbuster was a great success, the subject of “memes”, etc. Even the main cast members couldn’t hold their tongues before the release! The proof…

News of May 2, 2018: As Marvel fans are in shock after seeing avengers infinity war, an interview from July 2017 appears on the web. It features Don Cheadle (War Machine) and Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) answering questions for the show Good Morning America. During the interview, the interpreter of Bruce Banner loose a huge spoiler, much to the chagrin of his colleague. A video that is better to (re)discover AFTER having seen avengers 3.

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Speaking of Thor, the Hulk, and the fate of Asgard, Ruffalo is pretty pissed off because he can’t decently tell the ending of Ragnarok several months before its release. He therefore explains that “Like other Marvel superhero movies, not everything ends well for the main characters.” Carried away by his reasoning, he then blurts out: “But wait until you see the next one: everyone dies!” Shocked, Don Cheadle reacts immediately: “Dude…dude…” He then asks the journalist to cut the extract, then Mark tries to catch up. “Well, ok, not everyone, but…” He turns to his colleague to find out how he could catch up, but Don does not know what to advise him. “I will continue the interview… I would like to say that… what’s interesting… it’s good, Mark, it’s good.”

A few months after this huge spoiler, Ruffalo made another big dump during the preview of Ragnarok, by mistakenly broadcasting the beginning of the film on Instagram. In the meantime, Tom Holland (Spider-Man) had also spoiled details of future episodes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so much so that Kevin Feige, the boss of the studio, decided not to give his actors the whole script.Infinity War and its sequel. “There’s a moment in Avengers where I don’t know who I’m up against, explained the young actor last May. There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking around in pantyhose pretending to be fighting “a monster” in front of 200 people. They were all telling me it was great and I had to put more energy into it“.

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The team then managed to keep the plot more or less a secret.Infinity Warthen on that of its suite, Endgamereleased a year later in cinemas.

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