The Disney + remake of Mom, I Missed the Plane unveils its cut-and-paste trailer

The Disney Plus movie will exactly replay the 1990 classic that brought Macaulay Culkin to the skies.

It’s exactly the same … but in 2021. Disney Plus has been preparing for months a remake of Mom I missed the plane !, the great Christmas classic from Chris Columbus. Today we discover the trailer for this version 30 years later. And the least we can say is that Mom I missed the plane ! (It starts again) – yes, it’s his title in French – advances like a copy-paste which will not please the purists much …

We will indeed find a ten-year-old kid there, forgotten by his family when he left on vacation. All alone at home, he will have fun, then set up a Machiavellian plan to repel maso burglars. It is Archie Yates (of Jojo rabbit) who takes over the cult role.

Home Sweet Home Alone (from its original title) is therefore revealed to be incredibly similar to the original. The same house or almost, the same gags, the same valves, the same panicked mother in search of a return ticket … In short, it will be the same thing as the comedy that revealed Macaulay Culkin except for one detail: the Breakers – Floats are now a male / female pair, half of which is played by Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt).

Mom I missed the plane ! (It starts again) will be released on November 12 exclusively for streaming on Disney Plus.

Rob delaney (Deadpool 2), Archie Yates (Jojo rabbit), Aisling Bea (series Living with Yourself), Kenan thompson (the show Saturday Night Live), Tim simons (series Veep), Pete holmes (Like Beasts 2), Devin Ratray (Mom I missed the plane !), Ally maki (Toy story 4) and Chris Parnell (Living Legends) complete the cast.

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