The Dropout or the incredible scam of the “new Steve Jobs” to see on Disney + (review)

The Dropout

Amanda Seyfried is amazing in Elizabeth Holmes, in this “true crime drama” which looks back on the Theranos scandal.

If you succumbed to the charm of Anna Devley in Inventing Anna, on Netflix, you will undoubtedly fall for that of his colleague, Elizabeth Holmes! Like the young Russian who fooled New York’s elite for years, The Dropout tells the real scam of a kid from Stanford, who manages to deceive the flashy world of Silicon Valley, with Theranos, a high-tech medical company. Claiming to have discovered a revolutionary process for carrying out inexpensive blood tests, with just a few drops of blood, and without needles, the company has tripped up investors, reaching a value of more than 9 billion dollars on the stock market! Obviously, everything fell apart when the deception was exposed.

As often with this kind of “true crime” series, The Dropout does not seek so much to tell the scam, but rather to understand its instigator. The human behind the crook. In this matter, Amanda Seyfried delivers a stunning performance. The young actress revealed in Veronica Mars before exhibiting Mamma Mia makes a fascinating Elizabeth Holmes. Any young student full of ambitions, an entrepreneur with excessive dreams and a complex psychology, the one who was quickly nicknamed “the new Steve Jobs” appears here as disturbing as she is endearing, entangled in her lies, in her failures, and in a a particularly captivating form of megalomania.

Because Liz Meriwether, creator of New Girl, knows how to write quirky female characters better than anyone, who think outside the box to fully exist. In The Dropoutthe screenwriter seeks less to recount the facts of the legal and financial scandal, than to paint the portrait of an ambitious woman, the construction of a “self-made woman” from Silicon Valley, who has become the youngest billionaire in the world. . “We are in a drama. It’s really a mix between fiction and reality”, told us Liz Meriwether, who – by her own admission – has also romanticized the passionate story between the young Elizabeth and her partner Sunny Balwani (Naveen Andrews) – 18 years her senior – who punctuates the story from the beginning to the end.

If we remain a little dubious in front of the psychological puzzle roughly assembled to try to explain (even justify) the fraud of Elizabeth Holmes, Amanda Seyfried, with his piercing blue eyes and his turtleneck straight out of the offices of Apple, sells it with such conviction that you end up believing it. A bit like when Theranos made the whole of Silicon Valley take bladders for lanterns…

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