The Dropout: the trailer for the series with Amanda Seyfried, soon on Disney +

The Dropout - Amanda Seyfried and Naveen Andrews

It is inspired by a true story: the rise and fall of billionaire Elizabeth Holmes.

The series of Rebecca Jarvis and ABCRadio, already on the American platform Hulu since the beginning of the month, will be visible in France on April 20 on Disney+.

Inspired by real events, we will follow the youngest billionaire in the world, from her rapid rise, thanks to her company Theranos, to her brutal fall. The Dropout tells the story ofElizabeth Holmesperformed by Amanda Seyfried, the chemist who created a machine capable of dosing medical treatment using a smartphone, by automatically analyzing the blood. Nicknamed “the new Steve Jobs”, she made a name for herself in Silicon Valley, before being overtaken by her thirst for wealth. Guilty of fraud and fraud, she is sentenced to prison.

Also in this video Naveen Andrews (Sense8, Lost) in the role of Sunny Balwani and Dylan Minette (13 Reasons Why) in that of Tyler Schultz and Nicky Endres (Dual Destiny) interpreter Ana Arriola.

The trailer below:

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