The embarrassment of Xavier Dolan when he receives the César from Gaspard Ulliel

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The actor had prepared a speech that sang the praises of his director…

Update of January 21, 2022: Gaspard ulliel has just died in a skiing accident, and television pays tribute to him. After France 3, which has rescheduled A long engagement Sunday Thursday and provides for the first free-to-air broadcast of Sibyl this week-end, Arte will offer this Friday evening Just the end of the world (series Murders at Sandhamn originally planned will be broadcast just after the film). This drama by Xavier Dolan offered the actor his second César, after that of the best male hope for the war film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, precisely. But on this evening of February 24, 2017, Ulliel was held on a set and could not attend the ceremony. It was therefore the director who accepted this award, and found himself rather embarrassed when he discovered the kind words written about him by Gaspard.

A memorable sequence to find below, while waiting to see this poignant work by Dolan again, where Gaspard Ulliel plays a dying young man, who reveals to his family that he has little time left to live. The film will be available on Arte.TV until February 4, and the channel’s site is also currently offering its series Once upon a second time, by Guillaume Nicloux and Nathalie Leuthreau. To (re)see online until 02/20.

Gaspard Ulliel recounts his journey to the Ends of the World for Guillaume Nicloux

News of February 25, 2017: Little embarrassment for Xavier Dolan, obliged to read on stage the acceptance speech of Gaspard ulliel, Caesar 2017 for Best Actor. “Gaspard cannot join us, he is filming this evening (…) He asked me to read this text but strangely also to discover it at the same time as you“, explained Xavier Dolan, who directed Ulliel in Just the end of the world.

” ‘Xavier’… It’s off to a good start! ‘You discover these words, you promised me not to read them beforehand (…) Thank you, I owe you so much. Thank you for offering your actors what is out of the ordinary to tell the ordinary. The way you look at your actors has no equivalent. Avid of the slightest nuance, transforming the slightest frieze into an upheaval, you always bring your actors towards the freshness and the brilliance of the unpublished ‘Good. Good !“, dropped Xavier Dolan, obviously embarrassed to receive so many compliments and to see them read himself.

Xavier Dolan: “A kind of trance has set in on the set”

Xavier Dolan also received the César 2017 for Best Director and Best Editing, for Just the end of the world.

The trailer of Just the end of the world :

Only the end of the world by Xavier Dolan is a blast [critique]

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