The end of La Casa de Papel explained by the creator of the Netflix series

La casa de papel fin

“It wasn’t planned. We made it up at the last minute …”

La Casa de Papel, It’s over ! Season 5 has come to a close with the broadcast of the last five episodes, online on Netflix since Friday. And the creator Alex Pina reveals today to have completely rethought the conclusion of his series, at the last moment!

We had a pre-designed ending, which had been there since we created the series. Before Season 3, we knew what the end would actually be. But when we actually wrote it down, we found it to be zero “, comments the Spanish screenwriter to CNN Brasil, without specifying how La Casa de Papel was supposed to end initially.

Pina goes on to reveal that she wrote up to 34 different versions of the ending with her team, to find one that will do the phenomenon justice: “When people go to watch this, they’ll think that’s what was planned from the start. But no sir, it was not planned. We made it up at the last minute … “

Helsinki tells us about the “melancholy” end of the filming of La Casa de Papel

In the documentary La Casa de Papel: from Berlin to Tokyo, already available on Netflix, Alex Pina confirms his words and goes even further in his revelations:

“It was terrible because we had no end or it was disappointing (…) We spent many sleepless nights. We had to shoot, we were asked for the script but we had no end. at one point, we realized that Viking gold was the key. And from there, it all fell into place. “

The writers have therefore changed their minds compared to what they initially wanted: “It’s a much happier ending than we could have imagined! Because they don’t have to run away … We discover that the Professor has one last trump card up his sleeve and they go out under escort, happy and alive … “

A form of happy ending totally assumed today by the father of La Casa de Papel : “It seemed smarter to us. This made the Professeor and his team even greater. They were becoming legends, epic characters “.

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