The endless filming of Mission: Impossible 7 is finally over

Very affected by the health crisis, the production of the film lasted more than 18 months!

After postponing the film’s release a few days ago, Mission: Impossible 7 has officially finished production, according to some behind-the-scenes photos posted on social media.

On the Instagram account of British gaffer Martin Smith, we see this image “Mission completed! “ which clearly suggests that the film is in the box … after 18 months of production!

And in the process, the director Christopher McQuarrie uploaded this bucolic little photo with Tom Cruise, along with a thank you note to the technical team for their dedicated work. And for good reason, launched in January 2020, the shooting was very largely impacted by the pandemic. After only three weeks of production, in February 2020, Tom Cruise had already had to go out of business. From confinements to the umpteenth wave, the cameras of Mission: Impossible 7 had a hard time running continuously, but were able to complete the mission during the summer.

After a short break, we will have to go back to the turbine in the coming months. Tom Cruise, Christopher McQuarrie and the crew will be embarking on the production of Mission: Impossible 8, already ordered by Paramount Pictures. Mission: Impossible 7 will be released on September 30, 2022 at the cinema.

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