The Eternals: Chloe Zhao confirms there will be two post-credits scenes

“They are as important one as the other …”, assures the director.

Any Oscar winner she is, Chloe zhao is forced to conform to the traditions of the MCU. And the oldest is that of the post-credits scene, which allows the film to make a link with the next one …

In a recent interview with Fandango, the filmmaker confirms that The Eternals will feature two post-credits scenes, both of which potentially have major implications for the future of the MCU! She assures: “Don’t just stay in the room for the first post-credits scene! Stay for the second too! They are both equally important, they will weigh heavily (on the MCU) and both have great surprises in store for you … “

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This is what we call good big teasing! And by the way, Chloe zhao specifies that these two post-credits scenes will arrive at the end of a feature film which will already last more than 2h30! “It could have been longer! You know, we tell the story of ten characters, the Celestials, over a period of 7000 years. There is a lot going on …”, smiles the director, who promises as a bonus a ton of cut scenes and maybe even an extended cut for her next DVD / Blu-Ray release.

The Eternals will be released on November 3 in theaters in France.

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