The Eternals: the first enthusiastic reactions hail the “Chloe Zhao touch”

After the preview screening in Los Angeles last night, the first comments appeared on social media. And Marvel’s highly anticipated blockbuster seems to have convinced.

“In the wake of his Oscar victory, Chloe zhao did not miss this step with The Eternals, the most breathtaking comic book movie we’ve seen. The director has a great eye for detail and we see it with her sets and character design, true homage to the comic strip “. The first reactions to the MCU’s new installment have fallen, and they’re pretty good. Although these comments should always be taken with a grain of salt (the initial reactions to Wonder Woman 1984 were euphoric for example …), in general, the American bloggers and journalists authorized to attend the screening – and invited to speak about it immediately after on Twitter – praised the work of the filmmaker.

Chloe zhao, who arrives in the world of blockbusters, has obviously succeeded in putting “her touch, moving and thoughtful. “She made The Eternals a spectacularly weird and rich film, set apart from everything else. It’s honestly refreshing. There is a melancholy sweetness in this movie that you feel in every shot. sunset … “ The director of Nomadland has, according to this other review, succeeded in “bazaar the Marvel model with cookie cutters to offer an exciting experience”. Chloe zhao and his team are applauded for having “deliver an evocative, emotional and extraordinarily epic superhero film, aided by the naturalism of Ben Davis’ photo, which succeeds in highlighting the humanity of the characters. “

“Epic“is the other qualifier that comes up often. “In every sense of the word. It’s a more massive story and at the same time more down-to-earth than anything that has ever been done in the MCU.” A film also described as “dense“, who is “at its best when the focus is on Eternals recreating their family – humor and passion when fighting for each other“. The most enthusiastic even go so far as to talk about”masterpiece“. A blockbuster “Full of adrenaline from the start, but also full of heart and humor! A nod to the comics while it was a totally unique story. And then the post-credits scenes will just turn the whole franchise upside down!”

We can not wait to see it. The Eternals will be in theaters in France on November 3.

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