The Event: a complete success [critique]

Golden Lion of the last Mostra, this sober and fair adaptation of Annie Ernaux’s autobiographical novel, is a chilling survival in the France of the sixties.

At the exit of The event, her autobiographical novel in which Annie Ernaux recounted her journey to have an abortion clandestinely in the France of the sixties, the author explained that she wanted to resist “To lyricism and anger. By adapting the said prose, Audrey Diwan therefore saw in front of her, a path that was a priori marked out on which her steps had to somehow respect a cadence, a mood. To lyricism, the director therefore responds with an (almost) square image that imprisons a being that the camera follows closely. ” There had to be coercion for there to be a stake. “, Once affirmed Chabrol, scrutinizing Huppert, the angel maker, between four walls very tight in her Women’s affair, a duplicate film of it. With Audrey Diwan, the off camera takes the place of a threat, the setting becoming a sanctuary where the heroine – considered impure by an era – protects herself, fights and stands ready. Right especially. The out of scope invisible by nature, prevents the exhibition of a reconstituted epoch and adds by subtraction an additional timelessness (the fight continues). As for “anger”, the mere fact of seeing Anne (Anamaria Vartolomei, an event in itself!) Go to the end of her fight with the apprehensions of a queen and an equally sovereign calm is the expression of an underground rage whose vibrations fracture the world. Three years later But you are crazy, where there again the threat came from within a body itself, Audrey Diwan signs a survival tense where the stake does not rest only on the reported facts but on the momentum which makes resistance to the established order possible.

By Audrey Diwan. With: Anamaria Vartolomei, Pio Mamaï, Anna Mouglalis, Sandrine Bonnaire… Duration: 1h40. Release on November 24, 2021

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