The Expanse season 6: a pleasant … but frustrating conclusion [critique]

The Expanse season 6
Amazon prime

The final chapter of the sci-fi series premieres December 10 on Prime Video.

Concluding a long-term show is no easy task. Fans of Dexter Where Game Of Thrones can attest to this. Also adapted from a literary work, The Expanse did it manage to bring us a conclusion that lived up to its reputation and the public’s expectations? We will attempt to answer the question in this review without spoilers …

One after the end of season 5, which had seen the rebellion of Marco Inaros dramatically shake up the balance of power between Earth, Mars and the Belt, nothing is as before in the future imagined by The Expanse. On the blue planet, the countless impacts of meteorites caused immense loss of life and much damage. As a bonus, a sort of nuclear winter has set in. In short, the old world is in bad shape, like its war fleet which can no longer compete with that of the enemy.

Formerly at the bottom of the social scale of the solar system, the Belters (Belters in VO) enjoy their new status under the leadership of Marco Inaros, a potential autocrat completely devoured by his ego. A cunning and bloodthirsty liberator who actually cares little for the fate of people. Including those who follow him blindly. A chaotic situation for the human species, in full crisis of expansion, that the crew of the Rocinante (now amputated by Alex Kamal) will have to manage. As per usual.

Without revealing too much, season 6 therefore focuses primarily on this arc and offers a satisfactory conclusion, even pleasant to this surviving series. Abandoned by SyFy after three seasons, The Expanse has indeed found refuge at Amazon Prime since 2018. A new house that has allowed the show to grow, thanks to a larger budget. See a great series of SF treat themselves to a release worthy of the name, far from the bad buzz generated by the much-maligned finale of Game Of Thrones, is therefore a blessing for the fans. But, deep inside us, we can’t help but be frustrated by this latest chapter which sees the series sit on some of its greatest ambitions.

The Expanse season 6

In six small episodes (against 10 or 13 for the previous seasons), this season 6 necessarily had to make sacrifices. We would have liked to have spent more time on Laconia, the planet colonized by secessionist Martians which opens each episode. An exciting common thread, with its mysterious extra-terrestrial life, which we visit too briefly. We would also have liked to know more about this fascinating and terrifying protomolecule, as well as about the disappeared civilization at the origin of the Rings allowing to travel through the Milky Way. Why not meet again the ghost of Inspector Miller (Thomas Jane). And to see a little less the irritable (and irritating) Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander), a villain a little light to occupy so much place in the intrigue of this final season. On the other hand, we validate his new right arm, Rosenfeld Guoliang, embodied by the former of Beverly hills Kathleen Robertson, or the rise of Drummer (Cara Gee), more bad ass than ever. Fans of space battles will also get their money’s worth, with special effects always very polished, in the spectacular confrontation between the Inners and Belters.

The Expanse stops after six seasons when the series of novels from which it is drawn has a total of nine volumes (the last has just been published in the United States). No wonder, then, that we have a taste of unfinished in front of the television version. What to dream of a sequel, already mentioned last year by showrunner Naren Shankar. Except that the show should then find a third banner, Prime Video having decided to stop the costs. And manage a hell of a narrative puzzle: the seventh book propels the story thirty years later, while retaining a large part of its characters (but much older). The popularity of The Expanse, certainly growing, will no doubt find it difficult to justify that Amazon put its hand in its pocket, while the streaming platform is already investing colossal sums (250 million dollars in rights plus 200 million per season) on its series adapted from the universe of Lord of the Rings. Another juggernaut of theentertainment will he make this bet?

The Expanse season 6: one episode every Friday (six in total) on Amazon Prime Video from December 10, 2021

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