The Experts will (again) be back, for a season 2, but without Grissom!

CSI Vegas

William Petersen will not be returning to duty this time.

After resuscitating The experts with a new series in the form of a reboot that does not say its name (or almost), CSI: Vegas has just been officially renewed. The criminal drama will be entitled to a season 2.

Except that this time it will be without William petersen ! The original star of the saga CSI had agreed to reprise his role of Gil Grissom for 10 episodes. But a few days after the final was broadcast across the Atlantic, he surrendered his weapon and will not resume service in 2022/2023. However, he will remain executive producer.

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And Jorja fox ? For now, we do not know if Sara Sidle will appear in season 2. But we understand that Grissom and she have especially allowed to introduce a new team of investigators led by Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome), that CSI: Vegas will now attempt to install without the appeal of the old ones.

“The incredibly talented creative team and cast of CSI: Vegas did a superb job for this first season, brilliantly updating the franchise and portraying the CSI universe with new stories and a new lab, proving that after 20 years the fanbase is still keen on opening a new one. chapter“, analyzes Amy Reisenbach, executive vice president at CBS.

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