The Fabelmans: Steven Spielberg hires David Lynch for his autobiographical film

A first collaboration for the two filmmakers.

variety revealed this weekend that David Lynch was going to star in the next film of Steven Spielberg, The Fablemans. A work inspired by the own childhood of the future director of Jurassic Park in Arizona, in which Michelle Williams and Paul Dano will play characters taken directly from her parents, Julia Butters from her sister Anne, Seth Rogen from her uncle, Gabriel LaBelle from a filmmaker who counted for Spielberg, etc. We don’t yet know the role of David Lynch, however, but it won’t be the first time that the creator of Mulholland Drive will play in a film by another: if he is best known for playing FBI agent Gordon Cole in his own series, Twin Peaksco-created with Mark Frost, he also appeared in the series Louieby Louis CK or in Luckythe first film of actor John Carroll Lynch, worn by his friend Harry Dean Stanton.

Spielbeg has obviously already called on a great filmmaker to play in one of his productions: François Truffaut in Encounters of the Third Kind. The Fabelmans is a project that is particularly close to his heart: he has been working on the screenplay for several decades and has just completed it with Tony Kushner, with whom he has already collaborated on Munich (2005), lincoln (2012) and West Side Story (2021). This is the first staging of a story co-written by Spielberg since AI Artificial Intelligencein 2001, and if variety does not announce filming dates, it should not be long, given the progress of its casting.

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