The film in space with Tom Cruise will only be partly shot on the ISS

The majority of the feature film will be boxed on our good old Earth.

Announced in 2020, Doug Liman’s film that will send Tom Cruise into space will certainly not be what we imagined. At least not quite: the cameras will turn well in the International Space Station, but a large part of the feature film will be shot the old way, on the floor of the cows.

According to the sources of our colleague from variety, “ the film will only be partially shot on the International Space Station; the majority will be filmed on Earth, with some additional shots captured in a rocket. It’s not a sci-fi movie but rather an action-adventure story in which Tom Cruise plays an unlucky guy; who happens to be the only person capable of saving the Earth “. All this does not take away from our desire to see Tom Cruise in weightlessness, but it will not be the fantasized project (two hours in space).

We know that the film should cost around 200 million dollars, including 30 to 60 million for Cruise himself (who will also be a producer).

In addition, Liman and Cruise will a priori be doubled by the Russians for the first feature film shot in the stars.

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