The first appearance of Idris Elba at the cinema? It was in Belle Maman with Catherine Deneuve and Vincent Lindon

Idris Elba Step Mom
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It was well before presenting Three thousand years waiting for you at the Cannes Film Festival, the year when the French actor was president of the jury!

Idris Elba is at the 75th Cannes Film Festival since yesterday to present Three thousand years waiting for youthe new film by George Miller (which caused a sensation on the Croisette in 2015 thanks to Mad Max: Fury Road). Revealed by the mythical series TheWirein which he portrays a drug baron, the British actor of Nigerian origin has specialized in dark roles (again a dealer in american gangsterinvestigator working on dark crimes in Luthercommander of child soldiers in Beasts of no Nation…) or iconic, since he lent his features to Nelson Mandela in A long way to freedom.

But before that, the one who is always tipped to become the next james bond accepted a lighter role. In 1998, after making her debut in British television series, Idris Elba landed her very first film role. And what a role! This is an appearance in French production, the comedy of Gabriel Aghion Step mother. In this merry vaudeville with Vincent Lindon, Mathilde Seigner or Line Renaudhe plays the toy-boy of Catherine Deneuve, 28 years her senior. Decked out in an atrocious dubbing, the young actor is notably undressed by a group of unleashed middle-aged girlfriends.

The video of Idris Elba in Step mother :

A memorable first appearance for the actor who was radiant with charisma on the red carpet last night.

Here is the trailer for Three thousand years waiting for youpresented out of competition at Cannes:

Cannes 2022: Idris Elba has a blast climbing the stairs with Tilda Swinton and George Miller

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