The first reactions to Matrix Resurrections are very mixed

Some found the new adventures of Neo breathtaking, others “Meta to nausea”.

A few more days before discovering Matrix 4 in cinemas in France. But a good part of the American and international press has already seen the film. And since yesterday, critics are allowed to share their opinions on social networks, which gives a first trend on how Matrix Resurrections will be received by the press. And, oh surprise, Matrix divides again!

Matrix Resurrections: a new trailer in “Already Vú” mode!

Some have fallen under the spell, such as this reviewer who believes that Lana Wachowski’s film is “formidable, impressive, mind-boggling and completely in keeping with the legacy of the franchise “.

Others are much more mixed. Like this American journalist who does not go four ways, affirming that Matrix Resurrections is a “dump of broufe where piles up nearly 2h30 of jerky action scenes reminiscent of the Bourne films “. He also criticizes this Matrix 4 of “reuse too many sequences from previous opus, to the point that it becomes Meta until nausea“.

Summarizing all this in a few lines, this other reviewer nevertheless judges that Matrix Resurrectionsis much more fun than the two previous suites “ , even if the film “also gets bogged down in a surplus of exposure … like the previous two. “But at least this Matrix 4 is aware of himself and “fhave a knowing wink at all of this. Newcomers Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Groff are the key. “

Easily better than the 2 and 3 “, this is more or less the general opinion, like this journalist who saw something resembling the Awakening the Force, the film relaunching Star wars. “A sequel / reboot imbued with nostalgia to (maybe?) Launch a new franchise. In any case, better to review the whole original trilogy before going … “

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