The First Star: a look back at the surprise success of Lucien Jean-Baptiste’s film

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The first star
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This family comedy under the shock of cultures was the fairy tale of French cinema in the winter of 2009. Première had met the team at the time.

M6 invites you to spend New Years Eve in the mountains without moving from your sofa by rebroadcasting on its antennas The First Star, or the actor’s first achievement Lucien Jean-Baptiste, who in the process embodies the father of this suburban family discovering the ski slopes.

First film by an actor known until now as a supporting role and for his voice in demand in the dubbing circuit, The First Star is above all a personal film for the neo-director, who partly wanted to recount the experience of the shift from his first steps in the mountains. Upon release, Première had met part of the team for a video interview:

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Inexperienced director, absence of big names in the credits of the film … nothing predisposed The First Star to be so successful. And yet the film will receive an unexpected spotlight in a particularly suitable location: the Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival. A benchmark festival in the genre, L’Alpe d’Huez is a triumph for the film, which leaves with the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Prize. The sincerity of this film feel-good quickly creates a very positive word of mouth, word of mouth deserved as explained at the time First in his review of the film.

Do not be fooled by the poster or the pitch of the film. This first feature film is much better! Without revolutionizing this kind of comedies where a foreign body (here, a black family) is plunged into a hostile environment (to snow, therefore), Lucien Jean-Baptiste, director and main actor of the film, allows himself almost everything and manages to deal with racism, the galley, feelings, beginnings to ski … We are quickly carried away by this friendly and colorful family. The whole is simple, neat, refreshing, and above all sincere. In short, cheerful and in season“.

When it hits theaters, The First Star emerges as a real surprise at the box office. The film collects in the end more than 1.6 million admissions, which allowed the film to rise among the thirty biggest successes of the year 2009 (and the ten best of French cinema), ahead of films like Night at the Museum 2 Where Terminator Renaissance. The general public thus approves the film and its actors in what becomes a true fairy tale. This will even continue until the César ceremony the following year, during which the film will be nominated for the César for best first film, where it will bow to the Beautiful Kids of Riad Sattouf.

Since the success of The first star, Lucien Jean-Baptiste has realised 30 ° Color, Thank God !, He already has your eyes and The second star. All recorded less than 500,000 admissions, except He already has your eyes, again millionaire in 2017. Moreover, the film has since been declined in family series on France Televisions.

He already has your eyes: Lucien Jean-Baptiste’s successful film is available in series

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