The first trailer for The Boys season 3 is full of surprises

the boys soldier boy season 3

Soldier Boy returns to service, powers for Butcher, and a musical!

It’s the revolution in The Boys ! Obviously, it will always be a question of squirting blood, exploding heads and flying guts, as evidenced by this first trailer, but season 3 will above all move the lines of the forces involved.

The former of supernatural, Jensen Ackles, will bring Soldier Boy out of his slumber. The very first Supe, equivalent to Marvel’s “First Avenger”, aka Captain America, will return to service, much to Homelander’s chagrin… who starts milking cows to relax, while Frenchie and Kimiko engage in…a musical number?! But the biggest twist is Butcher: laser beams are now shooting out of his eyes, much like Homelander, but almost uncontrollably, like Cyborg from the X-Men… So is Butcher going to take a good big dose of Compound-V to compete with his nemesis?

Season 3 of The Boys will launch on Friday, June 3, with three episodes on Prime Video. A new episode will then air each following Friday until the finale on July 8.

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