The five major absentees from the 2021 Emmy Awards

The Undoing

The nominations that fell on Tuesday evening exclude in particular the acclaimed It’s a Sin or Nicole Kidman.

They are among the series or actors or actresses who have marked the past season. And yet the voters decided not to select them, when they too undoubtedly deserved a nomination for the 2021 Emmy Awards.

The two English: It’s a Sin and Small Ax

One of the top 3 best series since the start of the year according to Première, the latest nugget from Russell T. Davies (Years and Years) and the last slap of Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) are curiously missing from the selection. Two original, committed, fashionable and critically acclaimed series. It’s a Sin even won the grand prize at the last Monte-Carlo festival last June but won’t be in the Emmys competition.

It's a Sin
Channel 4

Ethan Hawke’s beard

At the origin of this historical series taking place just before the Civil War, Ethan Hawke created The Good Lord Bird and above all he embodies an incredible John Brown. Behind his long bushy beard is his animal charisma, the perfect mad cowboy of America in the grip of the demons of slavery.

The Good Lord Bird

Amazing Jude Law in The Third Day

The mini-series produced by the BBC and HBO was a UFO in the end of 2020. An indescribable mystery drama, embodied by a Jude Law lost like never on Osea, this strange little island at the end of England … on which A mid-season 12-hour live stream took place during which the English actor performed his role during an improbable maritime ritual. A madness embodied to perfection that would have frankly earned a form of recognition.

The third day

The conquest of space in For All Mankind

Ron D. Moore’s Dystopia (Battlestar Galactica) is arguably Apple’s best series right now. Very well produced, very intelligently written, it wowed the press with its second warrior season, which took its Star Wars concept a little further. Will the Moon one day be the scene of a geopolitical confrontation? For All Mankind describes in detail the issues behind the mastery of space. A far-sighted series that would have deserved to be at the Emmys this year.

For All Mankind season 2

Queen nicole

The star of Big Little Lies, crowned at the time for her role in Monterrey, is curiously absent from the selection of the Emmy Awards 2021. Yet nominated at the Golden Globes, and once again embodying a scorned woman in the grip of her uncertainties, the superstar gives way to his comrade Hugh Grant, who will be in the running for the Best Actor award.

The Undoing kidman

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