The French Joséphine Jobert leaves (again) Murders in Paradise

Josephine Jobert Murders in Paradise
BBC One – France TV

Attention spoilers on season 11 currently underway across the Channel.

Returned in season 10 of murders in paradisebroadcast on France 2 last year, after leaving the series in 2019, Josephine Jobert leaves Sainte-Marie (again).

Season 11, currently visible across the Channel before arriving in France, saw Inspector Florence Cassell desert again.

Without any plot spoilers, we can just say that the character of Josephine Jobert chooses to start her life again elsewhere and the actress confirms her departure on the networks:

“I already left in season 8. I thought it would be for good, honestly. I was done with the show“, says the French actress to the English site Hello. “Then they asked me to come back for season 1 so I wanted to do it. But I knew it wouldn’t be forever. For how long? I didn’t know. I had a idea but I wasn’t sure.

Josephine Jobert explains then that this season 10 ended on such a cliffhanger between Neville and her, that she could not “not coming back would have been unfair…but I knew it would only be for four episodes, to finish the story between the two characters.”

So is this departure now final? She might come back for a special one day, if ever…”The production was great. They said to me: ‘We are not going to kill you, just in case one day you want to come back and spend a head…”

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