The future Star Wars: the Acolyte series recruits its main actress, new face of the dark side

Star wars the sidekick

Amandla Stenberg will be the apprentice of a Sith master, during the time of the High Republic.

She may be one of the new major figures of Star wars. Potentially a major big bad in the franchise … Amandla Stenberg has just been cast for the very intriguing series on the Disney + platform, The Acolyte, which will focus on the Sith.

The American actress revealed in Colombiana and passed by Hunger games, will hold the title role, namely that of the Acolyte, Variety reports. It should be noted that in the universe of George Lucas, an “Acolyte” is the equivalent of the Padawan of the Jedi, for the Siths. Simply put, she will be an apprentice to the dark side, learning power and evil alongside a Sith master.

Amandla Stenberg
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The story will take place in the distant past of the Galaxy, several centuries before the plot of Episodes I to III, at the time of the High Republic, that is to say that of the heyday of the Jedi.

The Acolyte will take viewers into a galaxy of dark secrets and emerging powers on the Dark Side of the Force in the final days of the High Republic Era …“, teased Disney in its official pitch announcing the series.

Created by Leslye Headland, the series Star Wars: The Acolyte will begin filming in 2022 for broadcast in 2023 on Disney +.

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