The game of the Lady: checkmate for a season 2

The Lady's Game

Scott Franck’s miniseries, broadcast on Netflix, will not have a sequel. Its creator confirmed it during the 73rd Emmy Awards.

Most viewed short format series on Netflix, the lady game made an impression by bringing chess up to date and propelling the career of the actress Anya Taylor-Joy, soon to be featured in Edgar Wright’s new film Last Night in Soho. But while the question of a potential sequel to this mini-series arose, Netflix had first explained that a season 2 was not appropriate, while giving the benefit of the doubt to Scott Frank, co-creator of the series with Allan Frank, who had not spoken out categorically against a return of Beth Harmon on the platform.

The Lady’s Game is the most watched miniseries in Netflix history!

It was during the 73rd Emmy Awards, whose winners were announced last night, that the creator finally gave the final point to this debate, concluding that The Lady’s Game did not require a sequel, which could tarnish the success of the series. “I feel like we told the story we wanted to tell, or rather, I’m afraid that by trying to say more we are destroying what we have already done.”

Is a season 2 possible for The Lady’s Game on Netflix?

However, a future collaboration between Scott Frank and Anya Taylor-Joy is to be considered. “We will undoubtedly continue to work together”, added William Horberg (executive producer of the series), with the approval of Taylor-Joy, who retorted: “Absoutely”.

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