The Ghostbusters mourn Ivan Reitman: Moving tributes from Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson…

Death of Ivan Reitman: The moving tributes of Schwarzy, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson...

And of course his son Jason Reitman, but also Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred in three comedies under his direction.

We learned yesterday the disappearance of Ivan Reitmanthe director of Ghostbusters. Died at 75, he is mourned by all of Hollywood, in particular by his teammates in the saga ghostbusters : Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had filmed under his direction in Kindergarten Cop, Junior and Twins (and who had planned to find him for his sequel, Triplets), also paid tribute to the director. As well as his son Jason Reitman, in shock at having to confirm this sad news.

“My heart breaks today for Geneviève, Catherine, Caroline, Jason and all her family, written Dan Aykroyd. The loss of my friend, my collaborator, a champion and one of the best talents of the cinema era hurts me greatly. Now, who am I going to call on Thursday night?” A heartbreaking nod to the lyrics of the film’s flagship song: “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”

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“I am deeply saddened by the passing of Ivan Reitman, publishes Ernie Hudson. He was truly a great man and director. I was honored to know him and to work with him. My sincere condolences to Jason and the rest of the family. May he rest in peace.”

“Thank you for everything, Ivan”shares Arnold Schwarzenegger before posting photos in memory of the director and a long message. “Ivan Reitman was a legend, he was ‘bigger than life’, a true king of comedy. In life too, he was royal. A fabulous father and husband, a fantastic boyfriend, an awesome human being. He was generous , very intelligent, and always there for you (…) I will be forever grateful to him for giving this Austrian action-hero a chance for a comedy, at a time when the studios just wanted me to focus about new ways to kill bad guys or blow things up while flexing my muscles. I knew I could do comedy, but I needed someone to make it happen. That’s why Ivan was a good director and a good friend: he could see in you what others couldn’t see. And help you show all that to the rest of the world. (…) We spent the last few weeks working together on Triplets, a way to once again see his passion and his genius up close, it was a real joy. Last week, I said again how much I was looking forward to seeing him again this fall. I can’t believe I won’t be working with him anymore, that we won’t be spending time together chatting about life.”

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“I lost my hero, finally writes Jason Reitmanhis son also became a director, who moreover recently staged Ghostbusters: Legacy. I just want a chance to tell another story of my dad. He came from a family of survivors, and he turned that legacy into laughs. Thank you for your kind messages. Enjoy his films and remember his storytelling gifts. Nothing would have made him happier.”

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