The girl cut in two: Chabrol signs a neat and bitter film on the dictatorship of appearances [critique]

Claude Chabrol’s film with Ludivine Sagnier, Benoît Magimel and François Berléand returns to Arte.

Ludivine Sagnier ambitious, ready for anything, Benoit Magimel as an unbalanced billionaire and Francois Berleand as a perverse writer, all under the camera of Claude Chabrol, hard for moviegoers not to be tempted! Also turn on the TV on Arte which is rebroadcasting tonight The girl cut in half. When it was released in 2007, First enjoyed this film playing on appearances. Here are our two reviews published at the time.

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The girl cut in two (Ludivine Sagnier) is “torn” between her love for a perverse writer much older than her and a marriage with a schizophrenic billionaire. The film opens with an opera aria by Puccini and immediately plunges the viewer into a romantic universe. Like the illusionist with his audience, Chabrol plays with the spectators by alternating false leads and real clues. The sexual atmosphere that gradually takes shape seems to provide the viewer with a key to the continuation of this love story. But reality devoid of romance quickly takes over. Like a magic trick, universe evoked by the title, the film is stunning!
Eve Gimenez

In The girl cut in half, Claude Chabrol seems to tread his usual themes: the mediocrity of television; the baseness of a bourgeoisie ready to do anything to preserve its reputation; the Puritan revulsion of sex, a trait common to all the assassins so often embodied by Michel Bouquet. But the filmmaker also adds rascality. Book a reflection on mothers, as The flower of evil wondered about the fathers: does not the most perfect of them involuntarily provoke the announced catastrophe? And signs a neat and bitter film on the dictatorship of appearances and the attraction of notoriety, elected rising values ​​by our dropped societies.
Sophie Grassin

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