The good Shazam surprise! [Critique]

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Warner Bros. France / New Line Cinema / DC Entertainment

Without trying to upset the art of cinema or make an episode of a series, here is a charming superhero film, neither cynical nor too meta.

Shazam!, in theaters Spring 2019, will arrive this weekend free-to-air on television. Precisely Sunday on TF1, at 9:10 p.m. A good excuse to republish our enthusiastic review of this very nice superhero film, which will be entitled to a sequel in June 2023 at the cinema.

It was permissible to have the greatest doubts about Shazam! saw his promo which promised a mix between Dead Pool and Kick-Ass, based on a thousand times annealed jokes about a teenager capable of transforming himself into a superhero with a nanar look. The surprise is all the stronger. It’s a real group film where everyone matters (the bad guy played by Mark Strong is more developed than usual), which talks about foster families, resigning parents, violence at school , all with a wintry tone (it all takes place in Philadelphia) reminiscent of a forgotten production from the 90s. any superhero film – of incarnation: the young actors are just as formidable as Zachary Levi, stunning as a pseudo-Superman, as clueless and charming as a sulky teenager. And rather than trying to integrate the DC/Warner universe at all costs, Shazam! is a real superhero movie, viewable independently of everything else. Shazam! has muscles, but above all has heart. A heart that beats much stronger than its realization (did we really expect something from the director ofAnnabelle 2: The Creation of Evil ?), remarkably anonymous, which at least has the merit of not getting in the way of the warm emotions diffused by this pretty little film. Yes, we are talking about a blockbuster from the DC cinema universe. That is to say.

Zachary Levi: ‘The role of Shazam was not for me’

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