The Green Knight: David Lowery makes us lose our minds [critique]

David Lowery signs a visually sublime reinterpretation of the Arthurian legend. Not for everyone, but a real sensory experience.

Released in the United States last July, The Green Knight will finally be visible to the French public. Not in theaters however, but directly on Amazon Prime Video, which will offer David Lowery’s film from January 3, 2022. Here is our review:

Became the best representative of a demanding and arty cinema with his overwhelming A Ghost Story in 2017, David Lowery returned to the same ground with the singular The Green Knight, which has its source in an anonymous 14th century poem, Sire Gauvain and the Green Knight. A free adaptation in which Sire Gauvain (Dev Patel, very involved), Arthur’s nephew and insecure knight of the round table, accepts the challenge launched by a mysterious and supernatural green knight who offers his neck to his sword. In exchange, Gauvain will have to do the same in a year. He does so, beheads the knight … who to his astonishment gets up and leaves with his head under his arm, reminding him of his promise. Lowery cleverly takes his time to tell the story of a guy who has none, multiplying long and contemplative shots (Irish landscapes are hardly believable) where nature, devouring, overshadows the human. A sort of avant-garde Arthurian legend, one foot in the tradition but with an increased awareness of being in the process of transcending it: here it is a question of dissecting the very nature of a myth, the one that Gauvain tries to forge for himself. and the one that is born from the collective story, and to wonder about what makes a good story. Everything is storytelling with David Lowery, to the point of becoming completely esoteric at times – the film will lose more than one along the way -, but with the diffuse sensation of having understood the meaning of life a little better. Admit that this is quite a good deal.

Of David Lowery. With Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton … Duration 2h10. Available January 3.

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