The Harder They Fall (Netflix): a very pop and beautiful black western (review)

Perfectly embodied, this very beautiful western suffers from a somewhat weak scenario, but cuts down its political card brilliantly.

At the beginning of Jessie Lee’s Revenge, Mario Van Peebles’ western protest, Woody Strode’s voice echoed to remind us that the Black cowboys had also created the Wild West. The Harder They Fall – which comes out this Wednesday on Netflix – opens with a box that explains in the same way that “if this story is fictional, Ces. Characters. Have Existed “. Nat Love, the hero, was a true outlaw who, after escaping slavery, roamed the wild west. It is here interpreted with mischief by Jonathan majors. In this film, Love as a child sees his father being shot by a mysterious stranger. Years later, he found the culprit. Rufus Buck (Idris elba) is a bank robber and, with a few accomplices, Love is determined to take revenge …

Pure fantasy, The Harder They Fall is first of all an orgy of cinema and the staging of Samuel does not refuse anything. Long pulp dialogues, huge scene of massacre or urban fights, stunning scenery, over-styled stills, crazy pop songs… The actors, all impeccably designed (from Idris Elba to Regina King to Lakeith Stanfield) are exceptional. It’s fun, cool, but a little overwhelming at times, to the point where the story ends up dissolving under that pop mannerism. By dint of style, Jeysse Samuel ends up forgetting the real issues of his Shakespearean history. However, The Harder They Fall proposes a moral. If we often think of Tarantino, unlike Django Unchained, the cinema gesture does not seem so cathartic. For Samuel, there is no question of saving a forgotten cinematography (the black western) or even of resuscitating the damned of history (Nat Love). No: Jeymes Samuel signs a film with characters and actors who, it turns out, are almost all black. This is both simple and ultimately very striking affirmation of the film. The Harder They Fall is not a declaration of intention, but still works like a hell of a decile. What if this is the new world?

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