The heartbreaking trailer of My Afghan Family

Michaela Pavlátová’s animated film will hit theaters on April 27.

Winner of the Jury Prize at the Annecy Festival 2021, my afghan familythe new animated film by Michaela Pavlatova (Tram) is the film adaptation of the novel of Petra Prochazkova Freshta. The story tells of the departure of Herra, Nazir’s future wife, who flies away for love to Afghanistan to follow him. This European is immersed in a whole new world, between traditions and cultural differences, and she will be overwhelmed by the orphan Maad, who will become her son.

The trailer for the film, to be discovered in theaters on April 27, is right here:

During’an interview for Seriouslythe director said she was overwhelmed by the book and its main character: “Thanks to Herra, I was able to find myself closer to an Afghan family, in an environment that I would never have been able to discover in any other way. It was very surprising! It is a part of the world that is considered dangerous. We only hear information about attacks, bombings, which is, of course, a reality, but the book offers the daily life of a family and you therefore find similarities with yours, in Europe. For me, that was really fascinating and that’s also what I wanted to show in the film. »

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