The House of Spirits: Spend the evening with Winona Ryder, on Arte

The 1993 drama will be followed by a never-before-seen documentary about the actress.

This Sunday, the 7th channel will offer special programming Winona Ryderby first broadcasting The House of SpiritsBillie August’s drama adapted from a bestseller by Isabel Allende, where she met Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Jeremy Irons and Antonio Banderas.

The story of The House of Spirits : In South America, Clara is an extraordinary little girl, she is able to predict the future. The day of the death of her older sister, Rosa, she is persuaded to be guilty of her death and decides to keep silent forever. It is in adulthood that she regains a taste for life alongside Esteban, the rich owner of the hacienda named Tres Marías. She marries him and gives him a little girl, Blanca. Life is good at Tres Marías, but revolt is brewing among the workers. Blanca is not insensitive to the charm of the leader, Pedro.

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At 11:25 p.m., the channel will broadcast the documentary for the first time in clear Winona Ryder: an inhabited actress. Directed by Lukas Hoffman from archive images, interviews with the actress, but also interventions from women who have surrounded her or who host a podcast on her career, this intimate portrait is interested in her career. apart from Hollywood, insisting in particular on his adolescence, his first successes thanks to Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands…) or his love story with Johnny Depp. Born into a bohemian family, she grew up surrounded by writers from the “Beat generation” and failed to adjust to school, where she was bullied. A little after beetle juiceshe almost drowned, a trauma that resurfaced a few years later during the filming ofAlien: The Resurrection, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, where she had to shoot an underwater sequence. before filming Dracula under the sometimes provocative direction of Francis Ford Coppola, she had to give up The Godfather 3, victim of overwork. And in the early 2000s, everything changed when she was caught in the act of stealing from a luxury store.

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Far from being a classic portrait (its editing is even inspired for a few moments by the staging of “true crimes” to recount a period particularly badly experienced by the actress!), Winona Ryder: an inhabited actress highlights the mental health of this actress who did not hesitate to speak openly about her blues shots in an interview. Thus, while she had everything going for her in the early 1990s, she admits to having felt guilty for feeling so sad on a daily basis. When she shot the hardest sequences of The House of Spirits (the film notably contains a scene of torture which is difficult to film), she realized that she was abusing herself, and when she signed up for A stolen life, in 1999, she tapped into her own ill-being to accurately interpret a young girl who felt bad about herself, seeking help and answers while being interned in a psychiatric institute. Its comeback in two stages, first thanks to black swanby Darren Aronofsky, in 2010, in the role of a dancer who suffers from having to retire and give way to a younger version of her played by Natalie Portman, then thanks to the success of the series Stranger Things, on Netflix since 2016, is all the more striking. This documentary is already visible on Arte.TV.

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