The Inferno of Henri-Georges Clouzot not to be missed in replay

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Until July, on France.TV, (re) dive into the captivating backstage of this unfinished film.

Disappeared 40 years ago Romy Schneider is honored withina retrospective at the Cinémathèque Française. A not-to-be-missed cinematic event, relayed by France Télévisions. Partner of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, the group is supporting an unpublished documentary on the star of Empress Sissi entitled Romy free womanwhich was screened at Cannes Classics this week before being shown on France 3. It also offers to see and review Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Hell, another incredible documentary (15 hours of film!) which looks back on the creation of his film started in 1964, but remained unfinished. A captivating portrait of this perfectionist director who has traumatized several actors, but inspired dozens of directors. “They say it is diabolical, uncontrollable. What is it really?”

Hell is visible on France.TV until July 14

Not to be missed if you have been marked by the previous psychological thrillers of Henri-George Clouzot (The Wages of Fear, The Diabolics…). For 1h30, Serge Bromberg and Ruxandra Medrea detail the crazy project of the director, who had obtained a colossal budget to paint the portrait of a jealous man (Serge Reggiani), who imagines that his wife (Romy Schneider, therefore) deceives him. While their daily life is filmed in black and white, each delirious fantasy of this sickly jealous is a hypnotic and innovative visual trip, filled with colors, mixing concepts never seen before. On this project, Clouzot sought to experiment with new forms of expression, both visually and through sound, “hero” hearing haunting voices as soon as he is in full crisis. But his quest for novelty gradually eluded him. Exhausting his assistants, driving his main actor crazy who ended up throwing in the towel, the filmmaker was forced to stop filming following a heart attack. Hell was never finished, but its design speaks volumes about the way its creator worked. This aborted project has also inspired several filmmakers, such as Edgar Wright, who recently paid him a strong tribute in Last Night in Soho.

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