The Jason Bourne of 2016 is a dinosaur trying to reinvent himself [critique]

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Jason bourne

In 2016, Paul Greengrass returned to business with Matt Damon in an attempt to make Bourne a hero of his time.

Update September 5: Jason bourne returns tonight to France 2. What is this sequel to the saga worn by Matt Damon worth? Here is our verdict, published when it was released in 2016.

We had left Jason bourne when he had finally recovered his memory. We find him far from everything, withdrawn in an Eastern country, far from the backwater of the CIA and determined to lead a peaceful life. But when Niki discovers that her father played an obscure role in the design of the Treadstone program, Jason is going to be forced to return to duty and face two formidable enemies. The Asset, a killer played by Cassel and a CIA spunk played by Tommy lee jones. Almost 10 years have passed since Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass returned their badges.

Ten years during which the world and the cinema have completely changed. Damon established himself as a star A list who no longer needs a saga to hit the mark; the action film (more industrialized and doped with superheroes) no longer has much to do with what Greengrass had helped to calibrate with its two opuses. And the post-September 11 paranoia has given way to an economic crisis coupled with indiscriminate terrorism that strikes everywhere and anyhow.

The Jason Bourne saga scrutinized

Efficient and impactful

It was therefore necessary to choose: change your style to fit into the new aesthetic horizons of the blockbuster (or even modify them again) or bring the political dimension of the series up to standard. Greengrass and Damon obviously favored the first. In a very symbolic way, the script is signed by the editor and the director as if they were consciously assuming to pin their story on their style, which for once has not changed. Impactful, realistic and visceral, Greengrass’ camera always sticks to the characters and places it captures on the fly.

It’s impressive. Very. Especially in the opening sequence where Bourne tries to run away from a killer in the middle of a protest. But the counterpart is this feeling of seeing a 2004 film that would cover the news of 2016. Because Greengrass and Damon have therefore tried to make a little relevance to the amnesic agent of the 00’s. Bourne finds himself in an anti-capitalist demonstration in Greece, confronts a Post-Snowden-era mogul, and must fight with a clique of officials who ally with a media guru.

The result is a little strange: still as effective and impactful (the fight in the sewers against Cassel and Damon is a peak of the series by its clear brutality, its speed of execution and the refusal of any virtuosity or the chase in Vegas. monstrous, even more so than the Moscow scene of Supremacy), the film looks like a ghost coming back to haunt another era. Impossible not to think of a line swinging to the other super spy: “i think you are a dinosaur, 007“, a relic from another time. And that’s exactly it: Jason bourne above all does not want to change, but tries to reinvent itself. So as not to end up with amnesia?

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