The Kaïra in five crazy scenes

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1,016,184. This is the number of spectators who discovered the film The Kaira in the dark rooms in 2012. Clearly, a good big box for a trio which made itself known on the small screen first on MTV then on Canal +. It’s there that Franck Gastambide, Medi Sadoun and Jib pocthier literally explode on the side of the general public. Back on the history of this trio, the opportunity to slip into our story five key scenes from the film The Kaira.

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Amazing courses

Nothing, however, predestined these three to officiate on the small screen. Medi Sadoun began his career as a GO at Club Med before returning to Paris to sing in karaoke and work as a commercial during the day. And this until his decisive meeting with the Kourtrajmé collective. Jib Pocthier already had a foot in the world of comedy before the great adventure of the Kaïra. After a BEP accounting, he went to comedy school then shot clips and sketches with Kim Shapiron, met at a party. He too gradually joined the Kourtrajmé collective.

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Franck GastambideHe was a pit bull trainer for four years. It is thanks to his dogs that he succeeded in making himself known. While his beasts are hired for The Crimson Rivers, he meets Mathieu kassovitz in the year 2000. The latter presents him Romain Gavras and Kim Shapiron from Kourtrajmé. It is in this collective that his trio is formed with Medi and Jib. Spotted by Mouloud Achour, they land on MTV before catching the eye in 2008 to Jean-Charles Felli and Christophe Tomas thanks to their Kaïra Shopping, tele-shopping sketches by lads.

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A successful film

Only one year after their thunderous arrival on the encrypted channel, the three Kaïras are already launching their film project with the help of producers. Three years later, the crazy comedy is presented in Cannes, at the same time as the Festival, in the presence of Jean Dujardin and Thierry fremaux (the director of the Festival). A good start for the first realization of Franck Gastambide – he also returned to the cinema in February 2016 with Pattaya – which follows three childhood friends who are struggling in their city of Melun until the day they discover an advertisement to become a porn actor. A promising pitch for a comedy which, if it “was not the best chiseled of 2012”, was “certainly the most inventive and the most corrosive of the year.

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