The Kamikaze series crushes everything in its path (review)

Suicide bomber
HBO max

Mourning, suicide and death in all these states, themes of this Danish dramatic comedy as crazy as it is surprising, wacky as it is moving.

Si moix after making a splash at Series Mania, winning the prize for Best Actress, the Suicide bomber Julia arrives today on Canal +. First European series of the HBO Max platform, this Danish creation will leave you on the side by its beauty, its ingenuity, its depth too.

Our plane crashes. Do what you want. I love you. Dad.” A text message in the form of a farewell message and Julia’s life is turned upside down. As a very wealthy teenager, the daughter of a business lawyer and herself a fashion influencer on social networks, she suddenly finds herself alone in the world. Her mother, father and older brother disappeared in a tragic accident in Rwanda.She has just turned 18 and is faced with a choice: try to rebuild herself…or go find her family in the afterlife .

It is an almost indescribable work. Not really funny Suicide bomber talks first and foremost about death. In all directions. An exploration of mourning with pronounced macabre accents. An original look at the idea of ​​suicide… treated here with a disconcerting form of zaniness. Because Suicide bomber do not swoop down into an abyssal sadness. With rare finesse, she manages to straighten the handle, regularly, to take us into unexpected burlesque territories.

A tragicomedy of wild originality, with short and rhythmic episodes (25 minutes), exalted by the spectacular performance of Mary Reuther. The young actress embodies a moving Julia, devoured by her trauma and unable to give new meaning to her life. Facetious, surprising, endearing, we willingly crash with her, faced with the impossible mourning. Written with exhilarating empathy, the series never judges. Does not arise by taking morality, whether religious or societal. An incredible success. Banzai !

The 8 episodes of Suicide bomber are available since March 16 on My Canal.

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