The King’s Man – First Mission: new trailer with Rasputin as a guest star

“I only make decisions once my stomach is full, or my balls are empty”

Pushed back several times because of the sanitary situation, The King’s Man – First Mission should finally be released in December. A new trailer for this prequel to the saga Kingsman – still directed by Matthew Vaughn – has just been unveiled. We find in particular Rasputin, played by Rhys Ifans, who promises to be the number 1 attraction of the film. On the set, in Turin, the actor confided to First having received a strange phone call from the director to talk about how Rasputin was going to fight: ” He calls me and tells me that with his team, they have invented a kind of martial art, amalgamation of judo, jujitsu, karate and … Russian dance. (Laughs.) “OK, that sounds great Matthew, but what the fuck do you want us to do?” It took a while, but we did it. Visually, it’s incredible: Rasputin attracts his enemies in a dance and after a few minutes … Boom! The fatal blow! Those who are killed by Rasputin think they are in a moment of relaxation, of joy. And they die smiling!

let’s remember that The King’s Man – First Mission will take place at the dawn of the First World War. Here is the official synopsis: ” When history’s worst tyrants and greatest criminal geniuses come together to plan the elimination of millions of innocent people, a man races against time to thwart their plans. “

Matthew Vaughn: “The King’s Man is an epic adventure film”

In the cast, we will also find Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Djimon Hounsou, Stanley Tucci, Charles Dance, Daniel Brühl… In theaters on December 22.

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