The Kings of the Scam or The Wolf of Wall Street French Style (Trailer)

The true story that inspired Olivier Marshal’s crime fiction is told in a documentary by Guillaume Nicloux.

With Carbon, released in 2017, Olivier Marchal told the story of Antoine Roca (Benoît Magimel), an ordinary man threatened with losing his business and developing a scam that would become the heist of the century. Caught up in organized crime, he will have to face betrayals, murders and settling of scores.

Behind the fiction lies a true story: the fraud of carbon emission allowances in the European Union by French crooks, or the biggest scam ever unearthed in France. A true story soon to be told by Guillaume Nicloux (The Abduction by Michel Houellebecq, Valley of Love, The Ends of the World…) in the documentary Kings of the Scam, available on Netflix from November 3, and whose trailer has just been released:

What is Carbone, Olivier Marchal’s thriller? [critique]

“Are you telling me how much I won? If I tell you that I don’t know myself, are you going to believe me?”

This 1h45 documentary retraces the crazy story of this gigantic scam, and how the members of this organization ended up tearing each other apart. With on-camera testimonials from real crooks and archive footage, the deal of the century in France is revealed on Netflix in November.

Thalasso – Guillaume Nicloux: “The film is based on the confidence that Houellebecq and Depardieu have in me”

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