The Lakers win at least at Winning Time: Season 2 ordered

Lakers Winning Time

HBO will continue its exploration of the Los Angeles franchise.

Lakers fans may be smiling again. While the Los Angeles franchise has had a nightmarish season and finds itself eliminated from the race for the playoffs, the series devoted to Purple & Gold has just been renewed. HBO orders season 2 today Winning Timethe series devoted to the Magic Johnson dynasty of the 80’s and broadcast in France on OCS.

Based on the book by Jeff Pearlman Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty, the first season in 10 episodes will continue until next Sunday, May 8. But the adventure will not stop there:

“It was a pleasure to bring to life Winning Time, comments HBO in a press release. “The series not only tells the compelling story of the Lakers’ rise, but also a look back at a transformative era of basketball, celebrities and the city of Los Angeles. We can’t wait to see how our creators tell the next chapter of this dynasty.”

The original idea was to end the series with Magic Johnson’s 1991 announcement revealing to the world that he had contracted HIV. But HBO has also optioned Pearlman’s next book, devoted to the other Lakers dynasty, that of Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and Phil Jackson, who dominated the NBA in the late 1990s. Hollywood Reporter, HBO boss Casey Bloys wouldn’t mind exploring the legend of the Lakers.

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