The Land of Men: A strong film on the hold [critique]

A very subtle interpretation of Diane Rouxel in this film against the backdrop of the crisis in the agricultural world

The agricultural world definitely inspires French cinema through works which, on this common base, develop extremely different stories. After Little peasant, In the name of the earth, To recover and The Cloud, Naël Marandin (The Walker) portrays a young couple of farmers – Constance and Bruno (Diane Rouxel and Finnegan Oldfield) – trying to take over the farm from Constance’s father (Olivier Gourmet) with an innovative and green project but which can only take shape with the financial support of the powerful agricultural unions. A support that Constance thinks to get from Sylvain (Jalil Lespert), very influential in the decision and apparently excited by the project. Except that, to be kind to her, Sylvain will ask her to be kind to him …

As the remarkable Slalom by Charlène Favier released last May, The Land of Men talks about rape and control. And like Slalom, it is not a question here of a simple film about subject for the late “Files of the screen” but of a film which transcends its subject through a strong female character, not devoid of ambiguities and never reduced to his function as a victim. In this role, Diane Rouxel delivers a composition of an intensity never failed, both in the happy laughter of a possible new life to be built as in the tears of rage and humiliation. It is like the film. Never school or applied. Always free and surprising

Of Naël Marandin. With Diane Rouxel, Jalil Lespert, Finnegan Oldfield… Duration: 1h36. Released on August 25, 2021

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